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Music Recording & Production (High School + Adults)

Instructor: Jonathan Lawson

In this course, you'll dive into music recording and production from arrangement, to beat building, to live audio capture & mixing. We will focus on using free and affordable technology for computers and tablets to build a recording from the ground up - from raw song to “Spotify-ready.” You will learn how to effectively use MIDI software instruments and microphone techniques, as well as production arrangement, modern engineering tools, and basic mixing & mastering techniques and terminology. We will be using a free software workstation workable on both Mac or PC computers --- bring your laptops!! (Please note: the software won't work on tablets or phones.) The basic terms and techniques we learn will transition into premium professional tools as we advance. Join us as we dive in to the world of music production and learn how to transform your song into a work of art you can share with the world! (Space is limited to allow for social distancing and plenty of individual instruction.)